Medical Education

Kairos Surgical Lab

Our Medical Education program involves local and corporate training opportunities for our health care providers in the New England region. Local Health Care Providers have the opportunity to be trained on the safe and effective use of Arthrex products through our local facility and/or Arthrex corporate facility.

Kairos Surgical trains all incoming sales representatives through the Arthrex Onboarding Program, as well as internal hands on product training and continued product training throughout your career with Kairos Surgical.

Our Lab

Kairos Surgical New England has a strong focus and commitment to medical education. We are pleased to partner with New England’s Health Care Community by offering convenient access to our state of the art facility to train and educate Health Care Providers on the safe and effective use of Arthrex products.

Arthrex Onboarding Training Program

The Onboarding Program consists of a indepth online and hands-on training program focusing on either multiple specialties: Sports, Distal Extremity (Foot & Ankle, Hand & Wrist), Orthobiologics and/or Arthroplasty. Each specialty covers anatomy & pathology, products, and surgical techniques. Upon successful completion of all 6 modules and the entrance examination, that individual is invited to Arthrex Corporate in Naples Florida for Initial Onsite Training (IOT week) to become a technology consultant (TC).

Continuing Medical Education Program

  • Arthrex Global University (AGU)

    A complete online resource for continued education for all employees.  From anatomy & pathology, to surgical techniques, product specifics, and research.

  • Kairos Sales University (KSU)

    Local sales representative trainings involving peer to peer discussions, surgeon trainings, and hands-on workshops.

Arthrex Surgical Skills Center